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Looking Great at Any Age — Six Practical Tips That Work

Who says beauty has to fade over time? Today any woman can look fabulous, regardless of age. There are currently tons of skincare products on the market. Some promise to erase the signs of aging. Others claim to help you achieve that timeless glow.

If you don’t fancy creams or serums, perhaps one of 2014’s popular cosmetic procedures would suit.

You’ll find this article useful, whatever you personal preference might be. Below you’ll find a list of practical tips for looking great in your 30s or 60s:

1. Find a great hairdresser (who likes you back)

Salons are sprouting like mushrooms everywhere. But a hairdresser who truly cares is still rare. Usually, it takes a few appointments before finding “the one”. But when you do, stick to her like glue. Remember, you want someone who genuinely wants you to look your best.

2. Develop a daily exercise routine

Good health is an important to maintaining beauty. To achieve that, you have to eat right, and yes, do exercise. An hour of physical activity can improve your complexion.

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3. Get your teeth whitened

Yellow teeth can make you look years older. Coffee and red wine are common culprits of this. Get a whitening treatment from your dentist. You can also use those at-home strips sold in drugstores.

4. Treat skin problems seriously

You might be the type to dismiss red spots or rashes. Don’t. These may be symptoms of a more serious skin disease. If you happen to have these, consult a professional immediately. Chronic conditions like dermatitis can benefit from Salts of the Earth eczema treatment.

5. Accessorize

A colourful scarf or necklace is a great way to liven up an outfit. It’s letting the world know that your care about your looks. Accessories also divert people’s attention from your flaws.

6. Always wear makeup (but in moderation)

Look for a cosmetic brand that suits your skin. But never overdo it. Having too much on will make you look foolish and age your appearance.

With these tips, you won’t have to worry about looking old or having premature aging skin. As a final note, always take care of your skin when out on a hot day. The best solution is to apply sunscreen. You can wear a wide-brimmed hat as well, so you’ll look stylish when out and about.